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I was also included in the development of new products or services. In a brainstorming session over lunch, I coined the term "Tennessee Valley Investment Advisors" for the rebranding of the TVFCU Investment team. Although i cannot speak to other years, I know that I provided solid results, because the company made bonus every year I was there.

TVFCU was very important in my career development as it gave me a chance to see the inner-workings of a larger corporate entity’s marketing, branding and strategy. It is because of TVFCU that I have an understanding of business brand development and maintenance from both a small-business perspective (with Tricycle, Inc.) and an already established large company.

Working with a visionary marketing team that successfully engages its consumers as well as maintains the growth for the company was a fantastic opportunity. I felt and feel confident that I am ready to tackle any project for any size company.

In-Branch Graphics
In-Branch Graphics
The Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union EXPO Booth
Junior Achievement Jan 2011 TVFCU

Taking the opportunity to work at Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union was a great career boost. It launched me right into the heart of an internal marketing department, which depended on me as their Graphic Designer and Marketing Specialist. During my time at the Credit Union, I was responsible for pertinent marketing research and reporting directly to my Marketing Manager and VP of Marketing. I was also responsible for the design and execution of all printed and web materials pertaining to internal and external marketing events. 

The Marketing Department was the face of the Credit Union, and it didn't take long for me to fall in stride with the highly corporate business environment. Meeting the members was one of my favorite parts of working at the Credit Union. I now know the power of being able to stand behind your company and your product. It is actually because I believed in the services of the Credit Union that I now feel I must believe in the brand and the product or services a company provides before I can attain my optimal performance as a design and marketing specialist. 

Just as TVFCU has made a lasting impact on me and my career, I feel like I have made an impact on the brand as well. Even as the years passed, the reiterations or the revisiting of the TVFCU logo and branding requirements were a welcome challenge. I believe, for example, that seven years after my employment, the fact that the Credit Union is still using my In-Branch Graphics designs throughout the branches in 13 counties in two states is proof of my impact.

TVFCU 75 year Anniversary Logo
TVFCU 75 year Anniversary Logo

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