T R I C Y C L E. Inc.

Tricycle, Inc. is a sustainable design company that services the region's predominant flooring industry. 

I was the fifth hire at Tricycle, Inc. across the Atlantic in May of 2005; hired as a Production Designer working with proprietary software to reproduce manufacturer's samples in a digital environment. A majority of the final products (aka Tryks) are for print and used by industry design professionals for presentation purposes or for both concept design and implementation.

It is because of the proprietary nature of the final product that I can only provide a limited glimpse and explanation.

During my production I would also help troubleshoot software glitches using standard troubleshooting procedures and report to the development team in Leeds, UK. I also successfully wrote the production design software training manual(s) and trained 5 production team mates during my employment.

I knew right away that it was a special opportunity to grow with a small business. Part of the job description was to give our feedback on company operations in the company's weekly meetings. 
Groomed from the start of my professional career to think outside of the box, and that my opinion mattered, was respected and even desired from company management, really made a positive impression on me.

Tricycle, Inc. was not just a company, it was a lifestyle. I remember all employees promised to recycle and maintain eco-friendly, sustainable practices at home. I learned what LEED Credits were. I constantly pushed myself to be better, to do better so that I could help see the company succeed; because they wanted my help.
I became aware of the need for industry study and exposure, and just started to realize why I was passionate doing what I was doing! 

The company grew to 30+ people on this side of the Atlantic. We were a growing company that was genuinely making a big splash. 

It wasn't until the recession of the 2000's hit that I was aware of just how fragile the small business world can really be. Our service industry was crippled under the wake of country-wide financial instability. October 16th of 2009 I was laid off due to lack of work. My time at Tricycle, Inc. had come to an end, after such humble beginnings.

I learned a lot, however, and as my professional career has grown, I have recognized this time in my life as full of very special life lessons and opportunity. 

Not everyone is going to want or even care about your feedback. I have found it rare to see a company value their employees the way Tricycle has throughout the years. This fact has been quite a harsh reality to accept, and is one reason that I know I want, need and will always foster a team environment to flourish. 

Please contact
Ms. Hines
for Reference.


USA Headquarters
+1 800 808 4809


​Reference from Mrs. Susan Hines
Production Manager at Tricycle Inc.

"As a Design Technician at Tricycle, Sarah was a pleasure to work with and brought a degree of excellence to every task. She is a very detail oriented person with excellent organizational, communication and people skills. Her approach to every project is very thorough and conscientious. She is self-motivated and works with a strong sense of urgency."

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