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Sterling Jewelers is the parent company of Jared the Galleria of Jewelry. It is a large conglomerate of the jewelry industry, and hosts a wide variety of brands.

I originally changed from the financial industry to the precious metals industry because I was interested in exploring my learned skills from TVFCU and Tricycle in a more physical, lasting manifestation. During my Apprenticeship I began as Apprentice Clerical and moved up to Lead Jeweler Apprentice.

When I was hired, one of my first tasks was to “get the customs in order” (or make the mess of paperwork that was supposed to be custom orders) be accessible, cataloged and filed correctly. This was something I knew I could take on successfully due to my training experience from Tricycle, Inc. and my project management from TVFCU. I created an efficient filing system for the shop that is still in use to this day.

As the clerical, I was expected to perform daily opening and closing duties, filing and maintenance, with daily and weekly responsibilities of refilling supplies and reconciling all daily inbound invoices and outbound manifests. Every month, inventory of stones and metals helped to make sure the daily activities of the shop were running at maximum capacity during all seasons. The shop was very much a competitive and deadline-oriented environment, but we all knew what was expected of us, and we worked together as a team to achieve shop goals set by management.

We all worked closely with shop manager Jerome O'Bryant to ensure fullest shop operating capacity and efficiency while adhering to all company guidelines, policies and procedures. As lead apprentice it was my job to establish and foster positive communication on a per project basis with external vendors to assure correctness of gemstone special orders to fulfill jewelers' requirements. We were also kept up to date with fresh, continuous education and training on new products and services offered by our corporate headquarters.

The most extensive design work that I performed was during the project management of custom designs. I established and maintained contact with the correct company store, store management and sales associates to bring their client’s visions to life. I also was responsible for managing the project with external vendors to make sure that the project was on-time and delivered based on a perfect rendering of the client’s expectations.

I feel as though I fell quite easily into the Lead Jeweler’s Apprentice position. The newer apprentices that were just starting looked to me for guidance, tips and tricks to work smarter, not harder. I feel as though I am a natural leader, and this position was the first chance I had to lead a team. It wasn’t until July of 2017 that I finally left the Jared Design and Service Center.

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+1 423 499 5696

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Shop Team #8380 August 2016

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