Growing Up

"Always do your best." my mother and father taught me when I was young. This teaching has stayed with me throughout my life; through my schooling, my first employments, my university studies and finally in my professional career.

I am unique because my design experience spans across many industries. I am a fast learner and am as quick to adapt to company operations as i am to seek out the latest in technological advances to foster a more efficient working environment.


Educated Advice

The sidewalk was wet and slick from one of the passing showers on Martin Luther King Boulevard that night. Of Montreal was booked to help my art class celebrate all of the pomp and circumstance earlier that day. I just remember thinking, "This can't be it. This isn't enough!" How am I considered a design professional now, when less than 24 hours ago I was a senior honors student?

After much introspection on the cool, windy Ceremonial Spring day in 2005, I so far have learned to try to accept all lessons with grace and humility while also learning to  question and challenge the lesson's teacher; so that I may learn the lessons' true meanings. 

Past to Success

From each of my past employments I have gained and built upon the lessons learned.
The lessons ranged anywhere from time and project management to public representation; problem solving and software development to managerial responsibilities.
I have 18 years of Customer Service, 5 years of Marketing, Advertising and Branding experience, and a 13 year professional design career.


Lead Production Designer



At Home Décor Superstore

Merchandiser/Visual Designer
Customer Service Associate



Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union (TVFCU)

Graphic Design
Marketing Specialist



Sterling Jewelers

Lead Jeweler Apprentice Clerical


On my birthday 2017

Flash Graphics

Assistant Office Manager, Graphic Designer


Career Advancement

I am currently willing to attend a University to obtain a M.A. in either Business Administration or M.F.A. in Media Design or any other field that will remain pertinent to my career.
Regardless, I also aspire to further my business development experience by taking an active part of the local small business community and mentoring opportunities.

Consultations by Appointment only.

Please E-mail mssarahknott@outlook.com

My Career Goals

I attribute much of my current success to internal motivation, drive, initiative and a desire to gain experience in a growing career field. The more experience, the more exposure.

  I wish to continually research and implement tried, new, innovative methodologies and technologies that will help me to further understand myself and ultimately the  socio-linguistic meanings and implications of communication in the visual marketing and advertising world.



I am a career oriented individual and I wish to continue to work in team-oriented environments that see less the competition between individuals and more the daily successes of or by their team. I am a huge believer in positive reinforcement! 🙂

I will continue my education not only in the design realm, but to branch out and continue my 3D and Video training with industry relevant software.

It is important to me that I continually learn from each new design project that crosses my path.

And finally, to continue my application of my design education within various departments, small businesses, companies  or corporations to span from the smallest, napkin ideas to the grandest scale.